The Society of Sentience is a fluid group or association for individuals wanting to share their experiences of inner processes such as dreaming, meditation, development of intuition, existential technologies, integration of creative practices in daily life, alternative lifestyles, etc.

We believe that in order for the individual to feel any kind of existential meaning – and thereby to be constructively engaged with and integrated in the outer spheres of family and society – she needs to be well aware of who she truly is. The SoS doesn’t offer any readymade solutions for how this process should be carried out or implemented. We all know there are no easy solutions. And we are all different. But we are more than willing to share what’s worked for us, in the hope that the shared experiences will inspire you to strive for development and progress in your own life. We acknowledge that change on the individual level is more than possible.

The Society of Sentience is a “non-denominational” group, and we welcome open-minded, curious and honest individuals from all faiths and creeds.

The material on this web site is for informational and inspirational purposes. If you feel that you’d like to hear more of what we do, what we could do for you, and/or how you could be involved in developing the SoS, please get in touch (info AT societyofsentience DOT org)

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