Sometimes one needs to share to get a bigger and better picture. Throughout human history and culture, the process of sharing has brought many healthy results through ”verbal catharsis”. Getting things off your chest with the expressed purpose of perhaps not entirely getting the issue out of your system but just out there to look at, is a key ingredient for mental health. We don’t want our minds and psyches to be either compression or decompression chambers. We want to get constructive overviews and perspectives via a dynamic dialogue, so that we can make sound existential decisions based on what we see, hear and feel.

The Society of Sentience offers consultations for individuals who feel they need to experience this kind of perspective on one or several existential issues.

Please note that this kind of consultation is in no way a replacement for a psychological perspective/evaluation, should you have need thereof. Our method serves mainly as an eye opener, a moment of “Eureka” on your way to a fuller and more inspired realisation of what currently frustrates (or fascinates) you.

A popular extension of the SoS consultation is our custom creation of symbolic art. That is, symbolic for the resolution of your issue or manifestation of your desire in the specific case. Our experience tells us that externalising desires and wishes in an aestheticised form creates a beneficial platform for your mind to deal with the issue at hand in a different way – one more conducive to your success. How this artwork is created varies from case to case, depending on the details of your concern. We regard this process not as supernatural “magic” or “hocus pocus” but rather as an “existential technology” (“existech”) – accessing a tangible object or image in your own cathartic process; a creative pit stop on your way to the manifestation of the desired. Whether it’s an issue having to do with relationships, finances, health, injustice or basically anything else, the SoS consultation and method will provide you with something tangible to remind you, on a daily basis, of who you are and where you’re going in this specific case. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about this.

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