Structure & Association

Being engaged with the Society of Sentience is in many ways a two way process. What you get out of it is what you put into it. On the most basic level, called “SoS 1” or the Delta stage, we simply interact and communicate with each other, to exchange information and inspiration regardless of where we are on the planet and in our personal developments. This is not a membership per se but a free flowing of energy between resonant minds. Please note (we’re asked this quite frequently): you don’t have to be a member at all to get a consultation or an “existech” object.

SoS 2 (the Gamma stage) means getting involved in the development of the ideas and structure itself, and constitutes the first level of real membership. What this could mean in practical terms is for instance organising events with lectures and/or member get-togethers where you reside.

SoS 3 (the Beta stage, the second level of membership) means a deeper commitment to helping others via the SoS methods (the dynamic dialogue, consultations, existential technology, etc) and requires guided training. You will be assisted in developing your own approach to the techniques and methods so that you can assist not only yourself but also others locally (if you so desire).

SoS 4 (the Alpha stage, the third level of membership) is for advanced studies and applications of the SoS system.

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