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“Just as we communicate with our near and dear ones, work colleagues and others during the two waking thirds in specific and conventional ways,  the very same things happen with other consciousnesses during dreaming. The function of the dreaming is communicating, reflecting, reasoning and instructing. The question then arises: With whom? From whom? About what? The most common piece of criticism is that it’s not possible to prove that the dream sphere is mainly instructive since empirical experiments haven’t been made to validate the theories. Well, not yet anyway. On a realistic level though, this perspective of criticism fails. Only a fraction of all users can in detail explain how the internet works on an empirically acceptable level but that certainly doesn’t stop them from communicating with each other. Not seldom with entirely strange or new acquaintances and in new ways. Not seldom with the conscious purpose to learn about something or someone, and while at it also learn more about oneself.” (excerpt from “The Magic of Dreams Made Real” by Carl Abrahamsson)

“The Magic of Dreams Made Real” was originally a lecture for the SoS, and is now included in Carl Abrahamsson’s book Occulture – The unseen forces that drive culture forward (Inner Traditions, 2018, available HERE)

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